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Silicone Valves in Medical Health Care

May. 30, 2024

Superior Application of Silicone Valves in Medical Health Care


With the continuous advancement of medical technology, the demand for medical devices and equipment is increasingly stringent. Silicone valves are essential in the medical industry due to their perfect sealing effect, high performance, safety, and biocompatibility. YEJIA specializes in manufacturing leakproof silicone valves for over a decade, with rich experience and professional LSR injection molding technology. As a leading manufacturer in automatic high-volume production of silicone valves, we've provided customized medical-grade silicone valves for numerous medical devices.

Silicone Valves in Medical Health Care


  • Precise application of silicone valve in medical Reagent Kits

Medical reagent kits play a vital role in medical testing, and their tightness and accuracy directly affect the test results. For medical reagent kits that need to extract the stock solution multiple times, the introduction of silicone valves has greatly improved its efficiency and safety. In response to the customized needs of customers, YEJIA not only strictly controls the dimensional tolerances to meet the needs of the automated assembly line, but also ensures that the incision is accurate to ensure the integrity of product functions.


In the production process, YEJIA adopts a 100,000-level clean workshop to ensure the high cleanliness of the products. Through the precision LSR injection molding technology and the partition feeding method, the size and thickness of the silicone valve are uniform. In addition, we used our self-developed automatic punching equipment and online CCD full inspection eauipment to ensure that the product size, appearance and incision are 100% qualified, so as to provide customers with high-quality, high-reliability silicone valves for reagent kits.

 Silicone Valves in Medical Health Care

  • The protective role of silicone hemostatic valve in surgery

Controlling bleeding and maintaining hemostasis during surgery are critical factors in ensuring patient safety and surgical success. As an advanced medical component, silicone hemostatic valve plays an important role in various surgeries due to its excellent biocompatibility and sealing performance.

The silicone hemostatic valve provides a safe and reliable seal around the surgical site, allowing the surgeon to easily insert and remove instruments without compromising hemostasis. This is especially important for minimally invasive surgeries, such as endoscopic surgery, catheterization and other interventional techniques. By using a silicone hemostatic valve, the surgeon can control the surgical process more precisely, reduce the risk of blood loss, and improve the surgical outcome.

Silicone Valves in Medical Health Care

In addition to sealing and hemostatic functions, the silicone hemostatic valve is also able to effectively prevent air from entering the bloodstream, reducing the risk of air embolism. This function is especially important in high-risk surgeries such as cardiovascular and neurosurgery. By using a silicone hemostatic valve, doctors can perform surgeries with greater peace of mind and provide safer and more effective medical services to patients.


YEJIA continues to innovate and strives to develop and produce customized silicone hemostatic valves. We understand the importance of hemostatic valves in the medical field, which is why we put our heart and soul into ensuring that every hemostatic valve meets the highest standards. At present, YEJIA has successfully cooperated with customers to develop a variety of efficient and reliable silicone hemostatic valves, demonstrating our excellent ability and professional level in this field. By choosing YEJIA, you will get the best quality hemostatic valves to jointly protect the health and safety of patients.


Develop More Applications of Silicone Valves

The application of silicone valves in the medical industry shows its unique advantages and value. Whether it is the precise application of medical reagent kits or the protective role in surgery, silicone valves have made important contributions to the development of medical devices and equipment with their high performance, great sealing effect, high safety and biocompatibility. With the continuous progress of medical technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, it is believed that silicone valves will play a more important role in the future.

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