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2022 Mid-Autumn Festival at Yejia Silicone

Sep. 05, 2022

2022 Mid-Autumn Festival at Yejia Silicone

The Mid-autumn Festival in 2022 is just around the corner, on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, as one of the traditional festivals in China. The whole country will celebrate if from 10th., Sep. To 12th., Sep.

Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival

Yejia silicone, as the professional manufacturer of custom silicone molding products, has established it's own company culture to celebrate it. As usual, our administration department will do some preparatory work, purchased moon cakes and made greeting cards, collecting statistics on the addresses and contact information of relatives of all employees, carefully check one by one to ensure that the moon cakes will be sent to the employees' families in a timely and accurate manner.


Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival

Employees are the company's most valuable wealth and resources. Yejia silicone started as a small factory since 1999, at the beginning, we only produced compression molding silicone keypads and silicone keyboard covers, with years of development, our factory has been able to produce LSR Injection molding medical grade silicone check valves, liquid injection molding automotive optical silicone lens and many other customized silicon molding or overmolding products, with ISO13485 certified and IATF16949 certified class 100,000 clean production workshops, and has established the cooperation with many Fortune 500 enterprises. One of the most important reason of Yejia Silicone's current achievements is because of our employees hardworking, also is inseparable from the silent understanding and support of family members. Since our factory is located at Guangdong, which is far away from our employees' hometowns, they're rarely able to go home to visit their families.


Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company will deliver moon cakes to each employee's family members by mail to thank the employees for their hard work and their families' understanding and support.


Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival

There are many customs on the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as eating moon cakes, families getting together to enjoy the glorious full moon, but do you know the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival?


Legend has it that Hou Yi (descendants of the deceased) went to the mountains to find friends and saw the Queen Mother of the West passing by. The Queen Mother of the West gave him a pack of immortality medicine, which could make him immortal. After returning home, Hou Yi was reluctant to leave his wife Chang'e (goddess of the moon) to become an immortal by himself, so he temporarily handed the elixir of immortality to Chang'e for safekeeping. But this happened to be seen by the apprentice Pompous, and Pompous had a bad intention.


Hou Yi went hunting with his apprentice, but Peng Meng pretended to be sick and stayed. As soon as Hou Yi left, Pengmeng broke into the room with a treasured sword and forced Chang'e to hand over the elixir. Chang'e was frightened and helpless, but suddenly she had an idea and swallowed the elixir. Then Chang'e flew to the nearest moon and became a fairy. When Hou Yi came back, he found that Chang'e was in the sky and said to him: "Tonight the moon will become round. You make a piece of dough in the northeast corner of the house at night. We will be reunited at midnight." Hou Yi did as Chang'e said. , By midnight, the couple finally reunited. When the two parted, Chang'e said to Hou Yi: "Every year on August 15th, you have to make the dough, and I will leave at midnight when I come back." Make the dough every year and wait for Chang'e to come back.

Later, this custom was inherited by everyone and developed into the current Mid-Autumn Festival, and eating moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival has become a custom.


Yejia Silicone produces premium quality and high precision silicone injection molding food grade, medical grade and optical grade silicone products, wishes you and your family a happy reunion! Well-being! 


Want to customize silicone molded products, please feel free to contact us.

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