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Is Silicone a Sustainable Product?

May. 26, 2020

In recent years, it seems that more and more products for the home have become available in silicone format, from ice-cube trays to oven mitts to nonstick bake-ware and more.


These new products are seen as desirable for their incredible versatility—they are durable, flexible, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and able to endure extreme temperatures without deteriorating.


But the story of silicone is more than just a craze of convenience—it is truly a tale of chemistry working for the greater good, providing us with products that are more useful, longer lasting and better for the planet.


Reusable and truly eco-friendly from start to finish, silicone enhances the performance of the products we use every day and makes the most of our natural resources at the same time.


Silicone is an eco-friendly alternative to these shortsighted, use-once-and-throw-away products, and is arguably even more convenient.

It is also being used to great advantage in many other products, such as electric cars, LED lamps, and detergents that allow washing at lower temperatures.

It's easy to see, silicone is playing a vital role in modern advancements toward sustainability, and is well on its way to being an irreplaceable part of our daily goal to live in an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious way everyday.

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