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What is medical silicone duckbill valve?

Sep. 08, 2019

Duckbill valve, also known as non-return check valve, is a valve used to prevent liquid backflow. The main reason why this kind of valve is called duckbill valve is because of its appearance. The duckbill valve looks like a flat duckbill, so we call it duckbill valve.


The raw materials of duckbill valve can be Silicone, Rubber, Fluorosilicone (FVMQ), TPE and others, here we'd like to introduce a medical silicone duckbill valve manufactured by YEJIA OPTICAL.


This duckbill valve is a spare part for gastric surgery medical device, made of high elastic silicone, processed by high precision compression molding and punching, the outside diameter is only 6mm, and the slit cut is 2mm. The offset tolerance of the slit cut can be controlled within ±0.02mm.


The working principle of duckbill valve is also uncomplicated, when the liquid goes through the valve, the valve opens. The opening range of duckbill valve will be increased with the increasing of flow or pressure. When the liquid flow stops, the backwater pressure will tighten the valve, to prevent the liquid backflow.


With over ten years of experience, having developed and produced a lot of silicone valves for companies both in domestic and in foreign countries, welcome to call us or visit our factory.

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