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LSR Optical Silicone Molding

Dec. 04, 2019

LSR-Light liquid silicone rubber has the advantages of high light transmission, its light transmittance is as high as 96%, and it has excellent resistance to ultraviolet and blue light. Automotive headlights use high-power light sources.


Although the new-generation LED system is characterized by low power and high brightness output, the temperature of the light of general vehicle models is as high as 150 ° C. Under the combined effect of this high temperature and high radiation, it is easy to accelerate Aging of optical thermoplastic lenses reduces the life of LED systems. The physical stability of silicone lenses can completely solve the problem of lens yellowing.


Compared with halogen headlamps, the low-beam illumination range of LSR lens headlamps is wider, more uniform, and brighter. The light and dark cutting lines of its dipped beam are more obvious, and its strong lighting effect will not affect the sight of the oncoming traffic during night driving. The effect of high beam illumination is beyond the reach of halogen lamps.


In switching between near and far light, the mechatronic LSR lens changing system is far better than halogen headlights, and its switching speed is as fast as lightning, which also means that driving at night becomes safer.


In fact, the properties of LSR materials such as transparency, no cracks under stress, and the possibility of economically manufacturing complex geometries provide unlimited potential for the future application of this highly transparent material.


LSR material has low viscosity and low injection pressure. It can be layered and injection molded directly on the chip to reduce production costs.

LSR Optical Silicone Molding

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