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LSR used in the lens of car lights is unique in the optical field

Aug. 18, 2020

In the past,people always use glass produce in car light,with the developing of technology,now there is a new material which can substitute glass--LSR.

The following is a comparison of liquid silicone and other lens materials:

1) The weight is lighter than glass, not easy to break, and the built-in protection level is above IP67, reducing the cost of installation parts and installation and maintenance;

2) The temperature resistance is up to 200°C, and the real-time temperature in front of the COB chip is generally up to 150° or more after strict testing. , Neither PMMA nor PC can meet the temperature resistance requirements;

3) Transparency and efficiency comparison: Transmittance is similar to glass, about 94%, higher than PMMA, suitable for optics;

4) Compared with light effect: The optical efficiency is higher than that of PMMA and PC, and the consistency is better than that of glass. The light output angle is more accurate, which is suitable for high-end optical application environment;

5) Anti-ultraviolet comparison: Silicone is a better anti-ultraviolet material, and has better properties than PC and PMMA,and can resist yellowing outdoors for a long time indoors.

By contrast, it is not difficult to find that Liquid silicone in the optical field has a great prospect.Our Ye Jia Group has also been the perfect use of liquid silicone in the headlight lens.What’s more,our company is equipped with 100k grade dust-free workshop and Toshiba and other professional optical injection molding machine, strictly control the injection molding process, for customers to design the production of high-quality products.

Our engineering team is committed to the research and development of liquid silicone products, and provides products and technical services for many Fortune 500 companies. Welcome to our company to customize with pictures.

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