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Injection silicone operation process

Sep. 21, 2020

Injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR), which is non-toxic and tasteless, is a new type of silicone rubber material with excellent weather resistance and chemical inertia. It is one of the advanced silicone rubber products developed rapidly in recent years.


The silicone rubber itself has a low viscosity (pre-vulcanization has a certain fluidity, amorphous), can be supplied by metering mixing equipment, using special injection molding equipment to mix 2 ingredients, injection molding, and then rapid vulcanization, molding products.


Compared with traditional materials, liquid injection molding silicone rubber has many advantages: short forming cycle, high automatic forming degree, low curing temperature, no by-product during curing, high product precision, no requirement for edge and long service life. Becoming a popular synthetic rubber material and alternative to high-end applications.


The special material properties of liquid silicone can only be cured by cross-linking. Interestingly, where traditional and thermoplastic synthetic rubber (TPE) have reached their limits, LSR is always applied.


 LSR also has excellent repulsion, high heat resistance (some exceeding 180°C), low tenderness (minimum approx. -50°C), high electrical insulation properties, tensile and re-fracture strength, and physiological harmlessness.


 The properties of these materials, the ability to mono-dye and combine various metals and plastics make liquid silicon very popular for widespread use.


In addition, there are an increasing number of material types, for example, in addition to the various standard types of Shore-hardness, there are also medical technologies for oil resistance, thermal dialysis of oil, electrical conductivity, flame retardation, rapid cross-linking or adhesion correction types, and types composed of silicon fluoride.


According to the product classification, application characteristics and precautions of silicone, silicone raw materials and liquid silicone raw materials, they are all different.


With the continuous development of research, silicone has been applied more and more widely in various fields of modern industry, such as medical treatment, infant care, intelligent clothing, automobile and aerospace.


Familiar with the application technology and main applications of silicone raw materials and liquid silicone rubber raw materials, it is helpful for us to find, study and explore more deeply and extensively.

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