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YEJIA Optical New Office

Jan. 25, 2021

On January 25, 2021, YEJIA Optical ushered in a significant day, and all office staff officially settled in a new office environment. On this day, the offices of the Optics Division and the Silicone Division were merged, and we came together to witness this historic moment, with the aim of sharing resources more efficiently and providing an unparalleled service experience to our valued customers who customize silicone products and optical components.

On the same day, the company held a grand ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony, which was solemn and warm. It is particularly worth mentioning that Chairman Mr. Nan came to the scene and delivered a warm congratulations and speech, which added a strong festive atmosphere to the opening of our new office. Mr. Sun and Mr. Duan also delivered speeches respectively, expressing their expectations and blessings for the new office environment. YEJIA's senior executives and directors were all present to witness this important moment.

With the successful conclusion of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Chairman Mr. Nan, General managers Mr. Sun, and Mr. Duan jointly unveiled the new office, marking the official opening of the new office environment of Yejia Optical. Subsequently, the company's executives and directors took a group photo at the reception of the new office, which captured this happy and unforgettable moment.

YEJIA Optical New Office

Chairman Mr. Nan spoke highly of the layout and decoration style of the new office and put forward valuable suggestions. During the visit and exchange session, everyone flocked to the new office and enjoyed the modern and creative office environment. Some people took photos in various poses, while others listened carefully to the introduction of the staff and felt the new atmosphere brought by the new office.

After the visit, all the staff gathered in front of the new office and left a precious group photo. At this moment, we have witnessed an important milestone in the development of YEJIA Optical, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future to move towards a more brilliant journey.

YEJIA Optical New Office

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