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SHENZHEN KAIFA Cooperated with YEJIA on Medical Silicone Balloon

Oct. 16, 2017

SHENZHEN KAIFA Cooperated with YEJIA on Medical Silicone Balloon for Midwifery Airbag

SHENZHEN KAIFA Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale high-tech outward-oriented listed company, established in 1985. The company's main business includes assembling computer hard disk head components, video recording heads, developing and manufacturing network terminal products, automation equipment products, information system integration, etc. The company's total assets have reached 4.389 billion yuan, with net assets of 2.507 billion yuan. In 2003, the company achieved sales revenue of 7.86 billion yuan, with exports earning 927 million US dollars. The leading product, computer magnetic heads, accounts for about 15% of the world market, making it the second-largest magnetic head manufacturer in the world. The company has branches and research and development teams in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States.

SHENZHEN KAIFA Cooperated with YEJIA on Medical Silicone Balloon

As the medical industry continues to advance, SHENZHEN KAIFA is committed to improving human health. Recognizing the need for natural childbirth options, SHENZHEN KAIFA has conducted extensive research and successfully developed a midwifery airbag. This innovative product aims to assist pregnant women in dilating the uterus effectively during delivery and facilitating natural childbirth through physical means. A crucial component of this product is the medical silicone balloon, which must come into contact with the human body. Therefore, strict requirements for bio-compatibility are essential, while ensuring that pregnant women do not experience any discomfort or sensation of foreign objects during its use. To achieve this, SHENZHEN KAIFA has decided to collaborate with a manufacturer that possesses high-precision medical silicone products production capabilities.


After careful evaluation, SHENZHEN KAIFA has selected YEJIA as their partner for their medical silicone balloon needs. YEJIA has recommended utilizing LSR injection molding for the production method. This method involves the automatic mixing of raw materials by a machine, eliminating the need for human involvement in the mixing process. By using LSR injection molding, the product quality will be more stable.

 SHENZHEN KAIFA Cooperated with YEJIA on Medical Silicone Balloon

YEJIA has extensive experience in this field and possesses the necessary qualifications for manufacturing medical silicone products. With a 100,000-level clean workshop and the workshop has been certified by ISO13485. Collaborating with YEJIA's engineering team, it has been determined that the original product size is 22mm, and the requirement is to expand the medical silicone balloon to a maximum diameter of 80mm through pressurization. To meet the desired specifications, YEJIA recommends using ISO10993 certified medical-grade high elastic liquid silicone for production. This material ensures that the silicone balloon can be expanded to the required diameter while maintaining its elasticity and medical-grade quality.


Both parties have engaged in detailed discussions regarding product manufacturing control and quality inspection processes. This ensures that the production of the medical silicone balloon is closely monitored and meets the necessary standards. By working closely together, SHENZHEN KAIFA and YEJIA aim to deliver a high-quality product that meets all requirements and specifications.


SHENZHEN KAIFA visited YEJIA's Optical Silicone Division and was impressed by pir capabilities, establishing a strong foundation for future cooperation. With this partnership, SHENZHEN KAIFA aims to contribute to the advancement of the medical industry and improve the childbirth experience for women.

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