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What is the Midwifery Airbag?

Sep. 24, 2019

People who have given birth to children will think that delivery is a very uncomfortable process. Many women have great fears about delivery, but as technology has improved, many products have appeared to help pregnant women during the delivery. The pain will be much reduced. Such as, midwifery airbag is a good way, So let’s have a look what is the midwifery airbag?


Midwifery airbag is a type of airbag placed in the cervix, which can help the mother to expand the cervix, and it can help the contraction of the uterus. The uterus contracts quickly and can significantly reduce delivery time. Mother's pain will also be reduced a lot. And the baby will have less pain, and the mother will suffer less.


Yejia Optical Technology(Guangdong Corporation)-The Silicone Division.


Manufacturing the FDA approved medical grade liquid silicone midwifery airbag.


The maximum diameter is 80CM.


Welcome to visit our factory.

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