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What is VR Light Shield?

Oct. 09, 2019

Virtual reality is the ultimate application form of multimedia technology. It is the crystallization of the rapid development of computer software and hardware technology, sensing technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and behavioral psychology.


It mainly relies on the development of many key technologies such as 3D real-time graphic display, 3D positioning tracking, tactile and olfactory sensing technology, artificial intelligence technology, high-speed computing and parallel computing technology, and human behavior research.


With the development of virtual reality technology, the real realization of virtual reality will lead to great changes in the life and development of human beings. People wear special sensing equipment such as stereo glasses and data gloves.


Facing a three-dimensional simulation reality, they seem to be in a world of three-dimensional visual, auditory, tactile and even olfactory feelings, and people and this environment can pass people. Natural skills and corresponding facilities for information interaction.


Therefore, VR also needs a good protective cover, that’s we called VR light shield. Manufacturing with the LSR molding, High quality and super elastic liquid silicone raw material, Non-toxic, tasteless and soft, surface treatment and oil spraying.


Yejia Silicone, Ten years dedicated in LSR overmolding technology with 5000 square meters modern workshop, 26 sets LSR injection molding machines, 6 sets solid silicone vacuum compression molding machines, 100,000 class clean production workshop and 100,000 class clean Spraying workshop, the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and IATF16949.

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